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<title>Documentation of the GNU Project
- GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)</title> Foundation</title>
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<h2>Documentation of the GNU Project</h2>

GNU and other free documentation can be obtained by the following methods:

<li>Most <a href="/manual/manual.html">GNU manuals</a> are online in
    various formats.</li>

<li>The <a href="http://directory.fsf.org/">Free Software Directory</a>
    includes links to documentation.</li>

<li><a href="http://planet.gnu.org">planet.gnu.org</a> is an aggregation of
    blogs and news announcements from GNU packages.</li>

<li><a href="http://shop.fsf.org">FSF online store: Printed books, T-shirts,
    posters, and more.</a></li>

<li><a href="/doc/other-free-books.html">Free books from other
    publishers</a>: Printed books from other publishers using free
    documentation licenses.</li>

<h3>GNU documentation principles</h3>

<p>We believe the reader should be free to copy, update, and
redistribute GNU documentation, just like GNU software.</p>

<p>Originally, all our documentation was released under a short <a
href="/licenses/licenses.html#WhatIsCopyleft">copyleft</a> license, or
under the <a href="/licenses/licenses.html#GPL">GNU General Public
License (GPL)</a>.  In 2001, the <a
href="/licenses/licenses.html#FDL">GNU Free Documentation License
(FDL)</a> was created to address needs that were not met by licenses
originally designed for software.  For more information on free
documentation, please see <a href="http://www.stallman.org/">Richard
Stallman's</a> essay, “<a href="/philosophy/free-doc.html">Free
Software and Free Manuals</a>”.</p> Manuals</a>”.  A <a
href="freemanuals.texi">Texinfo version of that essay</a> is available
for inclusion in manuals.</p>


<p>Please help us write more documentation!  This is one of the most
important ways to contribute to the free software movement.  For more
details on this and other ways to help, <a
href="/help/help.html#helpgnu">click here</a>.</p>

<p><b>GNU Press:</b> another way to contribute is to help us <a
href="/doc/expanding.html">expand bookstore availability</a> of <a
href="/doc/gnupresspub.html">GNU Press</a> books.  For this or any
reason, you can <a href="/doc/contact.html">contact href="mailto:sales@fsf.org">contact GNU Press</a>.</p>


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<p>Please send general FSF & GNU inquiries to <a
href="mailto:gnu@gnu.org"><gnu@gnu.org></a>.  There are also <a
href="/contact/">other ways to contact</a> the FSF.
<br />
Please send broken  Broken links and other
corrections or suggestions can be sent to <a href="mailto:webmasters@gnu.org"><webmasters@gnu.org></a>.


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        We work hard and do our best to provide accurate, good quality
        translations.  However, we are not exempt from imperfection.
        Please send your comments and general suggestions in this regard
        to <a href="mailto:web-translators@gnu.org">

        <p>For information on coordinating and submitting translations of
        our web pages, see <a
        README</a>. -->
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