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<p>GCompris is a cross-platform complete educational suite for children 
from 2 to 10 years old, and it is part of the GNU project. It includes 
more than 140 entertaining activities that help little kids learn skills 
such as the recognition of letters and numbers, the use of the mouse and 
keyboard, basic algebra training, reading time on an analog clock, vector 
drawing, language learning through games, and much more. The program 
includes a simple text processor to produce documents with basic text
style. Another feature is the animation tool, which can be employed as a 
simple and effective method to support story telling, thus improving 
communication with children and helping them to express themselves.</p> 

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<p>GCompris includes several activities grouped on a yellow bar to the
left of the screen, from which the child can choose as soon as the 
program is started. Such a design makes it easy to add new activities or 
to adapt the program to specific needs. The program itself and all the 
activities are available in many different languages.</p>

<p>To learn more: <a href="http://directory.fsf.org/project/gcompris/">
FSF Directory</a>, <a href="http://gcompris.net/"> href="https://gcompris.net/">
GCompris Official Website</a></p>

<h3>Who's Using It and How</h3>
<p>Gcompris activity-based design makes it highly and easily adaptable to 
particular environments. One example of innovative use of the program is 
in the work done by the <a href="http://insight.kerala.gov.in/">Insight 
Insight Project</a> of Kerala, in India. The project aims to bring the 
benefits of Free Software to differently abled people in the State. They 
found that GCompris is a powerful tool to improve the communicative and 
motor skills of mentally challenged persons like children with autism. 
The project is using and adapting the program for the particular needs 
of its target community.</p>

<p>The Insight team implemented a training module for teachers that 
provides instructions on how to use the different activities of GCompris 
when working with children with special needs, to help these children 
acquire abilities such as eye-hand coordination, memory, listening, and 
improving the child's attention span. The module addresses different 
levels of education, from pre-school to the primary level. A small 
handbook was also distributed to parents and special educators to help 
them understand how to use the software to improve children's skills.</p>

<p>GCompris is also used to help older children understand the 
relationship between numbers, learn basic arithmetic operations, train 
them in analytical reasoning, and to improve communicative skills as 
well as spelling, reading and writing.</p>


<p>Teachers report that it is extremely easy for them to implement 
GCompris in their curriculum since children find it intuitive and fun
to use. The program is also an excellent resource for mentally
challenged children and adults.</p>

<p>GCompris has become an important resource to speed up the child's 
learning process in the context of developing countries like India, 
where the only chance for a child of getting accustomed with computers 
is during school time. At school, the computers are often shared and 
children have limited time to access them individually. GCompris is easy 
to use and intuitive, so it is particularly useful in this environment 
because there is practically no time spent on getting to understand how 
the program works. With GCompris children develop quickly the motor 
skills required to use a computer.</p>


<p>GCompris respects the users' fundamental freedoms and this permitted 
the Insight developers and specialists to adapt the software to the 
children's needs, creating new activities, and proposing the
innovative use of the program to help autistic children and their 
parents. The Insight team is also free to distribute copies of the 
modified version to teachers and parents, who can use the program at 
home without restrictions. The modified version has proved effective in 
improving the academic and functional flair of intellectually 
challenged children.</p>

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