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Some funny acronym expansions of Emacs

From: The Unknown User <anonymous@nowhere.uucp>
Subject: EMACS -- What does it mean?
To: mit-prep!info-gnu-emacs@TOPAZ.RUTGERS.EDU

EMACS belongs in <sys/errno.h>: Editor too big!


From: harvard!topaz!BLUE!BRAIL@mit-eddie
Date: 9 Sep 85 17:25:27 EDT
Subject: EMACS -- What does it mean?
To: mit-prep!info-gnu-emacs@TOPAZ.RUTGERS.EDU

EMACS may stand for “Editing MACroS,” but some friends of mine suggested some more creative definitions. Here they are. Anyone have any additions?

  • Eight Megabytes And Constantly Swapping
  • Even a Master of Arts Comes Simpler
  • Emacs Manuals Are Cryptic and Surreal
  • Energetic Merchants Always Cultivate Sales
  • Each Manual's Audience is Completely Stupified
  • Emacs Means A Crappy Screen
  • Eventually Munches All Computer Storage
  • Even My Aunt Crashes the System
  • Eradication of Memory Accomplished with Complete Simplicity
  • Elsewhere Maybe Alternative Civilizations Survive
  • Egregious Managers Actively Court Stallman
  • Esoteric Malleability Always Considered Silly
  • Emacs Manuals Always Cause Senility
  • Easily Maintained with the Assistance of Chemical Solutions
  • Edwardian Manifestation of All Colonial Sins
  • Generally Not Used
  • Except by Middle Aged Computer Scientists
  • Extended Macros Are Considered Superfluous
  • Every Mode Accelerates Creation of Software
  • Elsewhere Maybe All Commands are Simple
  • Emacs May Allow Customized Screwups
  • Excellent Manuals Are Clearly Suppressed
  • Emetic Macros Assault Core and Segmentation
  • Embarrassed Manual-Writer Accused of Communist Subversion
  • Extensibility and Modifiability Aggravate Confirmed Simpletons
  • Emacs May Annihilate Command Structures
  • Easily Mangles, Aborts, Crashes and Stupifies
  • Extraneous Macros And Commands Stink
  • Exceptionally Mediocre Algorithm for Computer Scientists
  • EMACS Makes no Allowances Considering its Stiff price
  • Equine Mammals Are Considerably Smaller
  • Embarrassingly Mundane Advertising Cuts Sales
  • Every Moron Assumes CCA is Superior
  • Exceptionally Mediocre Autocratic Control System
  • EMACS May Alienate Clients and Supporters
  • Excavating Mayan Architecture Comes Simpler
  • Erasing Minds Allows Complete Submission
  • Every Male Adolescent Craves Sex
  • Elephantine Memory Absolutely Considered Sine que non
  • Emacs Makers Are Crazy Sickos
  • Eenie-Meenie-Miney-Mo- Macros Are Completely Slow
  • Experience the Mildest Ad Campaign ever Seen
  • Emacs Makefiles Annihilate C- Shells
  • Eradication of Memory Accomplished with Complete Simplicity
  • Emetic Macros Assault Core and Segmentation
  • Epileptic MLisp Aggravates Compiler Seizures
  • Eleven thousand Monkeys Asynchronously Crank out these Slogans

From: ihnss!warren@mit-eddie (Warren Montgomery)
Newsgroups: net.emacs
Subject: Re: EMACS -- What does it mean?
Date: Tue, 10-Sep-85 09:14:24 EDT
Organization: AT&T Bell Labs, Naperville, IL
Apparently-To: emacs-netnews-distribution@mit-prep

Someone at a luncheon suggested it meant:

And a
Couple of

(In reference to the odd hours that went into the creation of my implementation).

Warren Montgomery
IH ((312)-979) x2494
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 85 10:11:04 edt
From: inmet!tower@inmet.inmet (Leonard H. Tower Jr.) <inmet!tower@cca-unix>
Subject: Re: EMACS -- What does it mean?
Received: by inmet.uucp (4.12/inmet) id AA02199; Wed, 18 Sep 85 09:10:17 edt
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 85 09:10:17 edt
Message-Id: <8509181310.AA02199@inmet.uucp>
Uucp-Paths: {bellcore,ima,ihnp4}!inmet!tower
Arpa-Path: ima!inmet!tower@CCA-Unix.ARPA
Organization: 	Intermetrics, Inc., Cambridge, MA, USA
Home: 	36 Porter Street, Somerville, MA  02143, USA   +1 (617) 623-7739
/* Written  6:48 pm  Sep 14, 1985 by gml@ssc-vax in inmet:net.emacs */
/* ---------- "Re: EMACS -- What does it mean?" ---------- */

Pleeeeeeeze!!! Nice try on the meaning of EMACS. I believe the correct acronym is:


Thank you, and Good Night

/* End of text from inmet:net.emacs */

From: ho95e!wcs@mit-eddie (Bill.Stewart.4K435.x0705)
Newsgroups: net.emacs
Subject: Re: EMACS -- What does it mean?
Date: Thu, 26-Sep-85 21:43:54 EDT
Organization: AT&T Bell Labs, Holmdel NJ
Apparently-To: emacs-netnews-distribution@mit-prep
> > very interesting, but what does GNU stand for ?
> GNU = Gnu's Not Unix. There is also MINCE, for Mince Is Not a Complete Emacs.
> More recursive acronyms, anyone?

Many people have also seen FINE Is Not Emacs, but the one that has character is THief Isn't Even Fine.


## Bill Stewart, AT&T Bell Labs, Holmdel NJ 1-201-949-0705 ihnp4!ho95c!wcs

Path: mit-eddie!think!harvard!bbnccv!bbncca!linus!decvax!mcnc!ncsu!uvacs!edison!ta2
From: edison!ta2@mit-eddie (tom allebrandi)
Newsgroups: net.emacs
Subject: Re: Re: EMACS -- What does it mean?
Date: Sun, 29-Sep-85 18:11:55 EDT
Organization: General Electric's Mountain Resort
Apparently-To: emacs-netnews-distribution@mit-prep
> GNU = Gnu's Not Unix. There is also MINCE, for Mince Is Not a Complete Emacs.
> More recursive acronyms, anyone?

For the DEC-system-10/20: FINE - Fine Is Not Emacs…


tom allebrandi 2, general electric aco, charlottesville, va
box 8106, charlottesville, va, 22906
(804) 978-5566

From: friedman@gnu.ai.mit.edu (Noah Friedman)
Sender: friedman@gnu.ai.mit.edu
To: jimb@gnu.ai.mit.edu, rms@gnu.ai.mit.edu
Subject: etc/emacs.names
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 92 00:54:57 edt

The following should be added:


From: S_TITZ@iravcl.ira.uka.de (Olaf Titz)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.emacs
Subject: Re: what emacs stands for
Date: 12 Oct 92 19:29:32 GMT
  • Emacs Masquerades As Comfortable Shell
  • Ever Made A Control-key Setup?
  • Emacs: My Alternative Computer Story
  • Emacs Made Almost Completely Screwed (by extensive use of M-x global-unset-key)
  • Emacs Macht Alle Computer Schoen (Deutsch: Emacs makes all computers beautiful)
  • Each Mail A Continued Surprise
  • Every Mode Acknowledges Customized Strokes (keystrokes, of course :-)
  • Eating Memory And Cycle-Sucking
  • Everyday Material Almost Compiled Successfully

now enough bashing for today :-)

From: elvis@gnu.ai.mit.edu
To: emacs-19-bugs@gnu.ai.mit.edu
Subject: missing from etc/emacs.names
Date: Thu, 20 May 93 02:21:27 edt


Just so you boys know the score.

Thank you very Much,
The King

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