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To register for GHM 2017, please complete the form below. Fields indicated with * are mandatory. All others are optional. Upon completion of this form, you will be sent an invoice for the registration with payment instructions. Registration will not be confirmed until you have paid the registration fee.

The registration fee is non-returnable, except in the case of cancellation of the event, or in the case of approved subsidised attendance.

GHM 2017 is now fully booked. Unfortunately we cannot accept any more registrations.


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Please note: If you are transfering money from outside of the Single Euro Payments Area, then we must unfortunately charge an extra 15 EUR to cover the charges imposed by our bank.


The registration price includes all meals and accommodation. Please select the type of accommodation you require:*

Twin room with en-suite (sharing with up to one other person) 153 EUR
Single room with en-suite 190 EUR
No accommodation 153 EUR

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Please mention here any GNU Projects or other free software projects with which you are associated. (This information is for demographic purposes only. You are not required to be involved with any project.)

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Public PGP Key

If you wish to participate in the key signing party, please submit your public key.
Use the command gpg --export --armor <KEYID> and paste here:

or upload from a file here:


If you would like to address the meeting, please indicate below the proposed title, abstract and duration of your presentation:
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Subsidised Attendance

As with previous meetings, we want to make the event as accessible as possible, including to those on limited income. If you wish to attend, but genuinely cannot afford the cost, please tick the box below, and in the “Miscellaneous” section below explain your circumstances, your interest in attending and how much you can contribute yourself.

The funds for subsidised attendance are limited. As such, each request will be accessed on its relative merits. If subsidised attendance is approved, you will still be required to pay the complete registration fee in advance. The approved subsidised amount will be reimbursed to you when you arrive at the event.

Update: Unfortunately the deadline for subsidy application has passed. No new applications can be considered.


Any other information that you want us to know:

Please check the details carefully before submission.

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