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Thirty years ago this month, the GNU system announcement sparked a conversation that has grown into the global free software movement. Now we invite you to join the GNU community in celebrating this important occasion, and creating a future where GNU is stronger than ever.

Get started by taking action with GNU-a-Day, signing up for updates or exploring the celebration events around the world.

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Celebration and Hackathon

September 28 and 29 at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Join us to celebrate the GNU Project's world-altering accomplishments with cake and coding. The 30th anniversary hackathon will focus on important needs for free software in today's Web-based world. Featuring remarks from GNU founder Richard Stallman.

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Celebrate GNU's 30th anniversary with GNU-a-Day, 30 software freedom actions you can take in the month of September. Click here for more GNU-a-Days.

Day 22: Avoid surveillance by switching to Thunderbird and Enigmail.

Day 23: Watch Stephen Fry's "Happy birthday to GNU" video.

Day 24: Support standards and interoperability by adding a line to your email signature requesting people send you documents in free formats.

Day 25: Want to learn more about important issues in free software? Watch videos from LibrePlanet 2013 on our GNU MediaGoblin instance. Bonus points: sign up for announcements for LibrePlanet 2014.

Day 26: Stay in touch with your friends without sacrificing privacy or security by joining a federated social networking site like GNU social or Diaspora.

Day 27: Read our DRM FAQ and make sure your next media purchase isn't encumbered by digital restrictions.

Day 28: Read a chapter from Free as in Freedom and share it with your friends.

Day 29: Show your support for free software by putting a GNU sticker on your laptop. Get them from the GNU Press store or print them out yourself.

Day 30: Enthusiastic about free software? Know HTML? Volunteer as a GNU webmaster.

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