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Celebrate GNU's 30th anniversary with GNU-a-Day, 30 software freedom actions you can take in the month of September. Click here to return to the GNU 30th anniversary homepage.

Week One

Day 1: Read the GNU Manifesto, and share it with your networks using the hashtag #gnu30.

Day 2: Friends don't let friends use Windows 8. Pledge to switch to GNU/Linux or to help a friend switch.

Day 3: Start using LibreOffice and OpenDocument instead of Microsoft Office.

Day 4: Submit a program to the Free Software Directory or find a program in it and download it.

Day 5: Switch to a free software pdf reader.

Day 6: Submit a bug report or feature request for a program you use.

Day 7: Add your hardware to the H-Node hardware database.

Week Two

Day 8: Encrypt your chats by using Pidgin, Jitsi, or Adium with OTR (Off the Record messaging).

Day 9: Have an Android phone? Install F-Droid, a repository with hundreds of free software apps.

Day 10: Email the developer of a non-free program and politely suggest that they adopt a free software license.

Day 11: Reach out to a developer of a free program that you like to thank them.

Day 12: Crop a new profile pic for yourself using GIMP.

Day 13: Get started early on your holiday cards with Inkscape.

Day 14: Learning to read code is empowering. Take the first step by teaching your computer to say "hello world."

Week Three

Day 15: Experienced at coding or contributing to free software projects? Mentor a new programmer.

Day 16: GNU isn't all serious, there are many free software games available. Which ones have you played?

Day 17: The oldest GNU project is GNU Emacs. Go through the tutorial by typing Ctrl-h + t (C-h t).

Day 18: GNU Savannah is the development hub for GNU. Check out the "help wanted" section on the homepage and jump in.

Day 19: Many GNU projects have donation pages. Show your support today.

Day 20: Recommend free software to a friend using Windows or a Mac.

Day 21: GNU IceCat is a web browser designed to protect you online. Install it today.

Week Four

Day 22: Avoid surveillance by switching to Thunderbird and Enigmail.

Day 23: Watch Stephen Fry's "Happy birthday to GNU" video.

Day 24: Support standards and interoperability by adding a line to your email signature requesting people send you documents in free formats.

Day 25: Want to learn more about important issues in free software? Watch videos from LibrePlanet 2013 on our GNU MediaGoblin instance. Bonus points: sign up for announcements for LibrePlanet 2014.

Day 26: Stay in touch with your friends without sacrificing privacy or security by joining a federated social networking site like GNU social or Diaspora.

Day 27: Read our DRM FAQ and make sure your next media purchase isn't encumbered by digital restrictions.

Day 28: Read a chapter from Free as in Freedom and share it with your friends.

Day 29: Show your support for free software by putting a GNU sticker on your laptop. Get them from the GNU Press store or print them out yourself.

Day 30: Enthusiastic about free software? Know HTML? Volunteer as a GNU webmaster.

The GNU 30th banner (svg version) is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0. © 2013 Free Software Foundation.