3D baby GNU and baby Tux

 [3D baby GNU and baby Tux] 

Two cartoon characters, about the same size, which look like perfect toys for a small child.

An archive (520kB) containing all the following files and their sources is available for download.

Image Background Format & size
Baby GNU white PNG  238kB (800x800)
black PNG  278kB (800x800)
alpha channel PNG  251kB (800x800)
Baby Tux white PNG  147kB (800x800)
black PNG  190kB (800x800)
alpha channel PNG  145kB (800x800)
Baby Tux sitting white PNG  135kB (800x800)
black PNG  183kB (800x800)
alpha channel PNG  128kB (800x800)
Baby GNU & Tux white PNG  11kB (180x90),  114kB (800x400),  354kB (1600x800)
white wallpaper JPEG  93kB (1280x1024)
black wallpaper JPEG  94kB (1280x1024)


 [Baby Gnu & Tux poster] 

Nicolas also contributed this GNU/Linux poster in various versions and formats. The poster was modified to include only fully free GNU/Linux distros.

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