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<title>GNU Bucks - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation</title>
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<h2>GNU Bucks</h2>

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printable files of GNU Bucks.</p></div>

<p><a href="/distros/free-distros.html">Free system distributions</a>
are committed to distributing information for practical use—like
software and
documentation—only when it's free. They go through a lot of
effort to prevent nonfree materials from getting in—but a lot of
software goes into a distribution, and packages are frequently
updated, so it's difficult to check everything. People who help with
this verification work by finding and reporting nonfree components in
one of these endorsed distributions can be rewarded with GNU Bucks.</p>
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<p>GNU Bucks are issued in one denomination—pi—and signed
by Free Software Foundation president founder and “Chief
GNUisance” Richard Stallman. We also maintain
a <a href="/help/gnu-bucks-recipients.html">list of people who have
received GNU Bucks</a>. This is all just our way of saying thanks to
people who have helped contribute to the goals of the free software

<p>If you've found materials in the distribution—like software,
documentation, fonts, or even graphics or music—that don't meet
<a href="/distros/free-system-distribution-guidelines.html">our
guidelines for free distributions</a>, we'd really appreciate
it if you could report it.  That way, we can help ensure that these
distributions are always free for everyone to share.  It's a great way
to contribute to the free software community that has brought all this
together.  Just follow the instructions below.</p>

<h3>Short Instructions</h3>

<p>In order to be recognized by our GNU Bucks program, you need to file a
detailed and actionable bug report with one of our <a href="#distros">endorsed
distributions</a> about materials that do not meet <a
guidelines</a>, and send us a copy at <a
href="mailto:report-nonfree@fsf.org">report-nonfree@fsf.org</a>. <<a
You will receive recognition after the maintainer has confirmed that
the bug is valid.</p>

<h3>Detailed Instructions</h3>

<p>To help make sure everyone's on the same page, here's a little more
information about what we're looking to see in this program, and why:</p>

<li><p><strong>You need to file a detailed and actionable bug report</strong>: Simply
saying that the distribution includes nonfree program X is a start,
but without knowing what you're seeing, it can be difficult for
maintainers to confirm that problem.  Please strive to include the

<li><p>Which version of the distribution you found the problem in.
Please note that if the problem has already been fixed, we cannot
provide a reward for it, since the report is no longer
<li><p>A list of file(s) which do not meet the guidelines.</p></li>
<li><p>A list of package(s) that include these file(s), if appropriate
for this distribution.</p></li>
<li><p>An explanation of why the files do not meet our guidelines.  For
example, if the files are distributed under a nonfree license, say
which license that is, along with a reference to the license text
and information to illustrate that it applies to them.</p></li>

<p>This isn't a list of information you absolutely must
include—we recognize that there may be cases where it isn't
feasible or meaningful to provide all of this information.  But as
much as possible, you should try to provide this level of detail.
The more information you include, the better.</p></li>
<li><p><strong>You need to file the report with one of the endorsed
distributions</strong>: The maintainers are the ones who will decide how to
take action, so they're the ones who need to be notified.  This also
helps ensure that the reports from this program represent real
problems in endorsed distributions.</p></li>
<li><p><strong>Send us a copy</strong>: If you are sending a report by
email, please CC: <a
href="mailto:report-nonfree@fsf.org">report-nonfree@fsf.org</a>. <<a
href="mailto:report-nonfree@fsf.org">report-nonfree@fsf.org</a>>.  If
you are filing the report in a
bug-tracking system, please send along a link to that report when
it's done.  This enables us to keep track of when people should be
recognized, and share information about valid reports with other
endorsed distributions.  See below for information about where to
report bugs for each distribution.</p></li>

<h3 id="distros">Where To Send Your Report</h3>

<p>Below is a list of where you can report bugs for all of the
distributions we endorse.  Web addresses point to bug trackers or
forums you can use—note that you may need to register before you
can submit a report.  After you file the bug, please send a link to it
to <a href="mailto:report-nonfree@fsf.org">report-nonfree@fsf.org</a>. <<a href="mailto:report-nonfree@fsf.org">report-nonfree@fsf.org</a>>.
If an email address is provided instead,
you can send your report there directly, and CC:
<a href="mailto:report-nonfree@fsf.org">report-nonfree@fsf.org</a>.</p>
<<a href="mailto:report-nonfree@fsf.org">report-nonfree@fsf.org</a>>.</p>

<li><strong>Dragora</strong>: <a
    href="mailto:dragora-users@nongnu.org">dragora-users@nongnu.org</a></li> <<a
<li><strong>Dynebolic</strong>: <a
    <a href="https://savannah.nongnu.org/bugs/?group=gnewsense">
    <a href="https://issues.hyperbola.info/">
<li><strong>Guix System Distribution</strong>:
    <a href="http://www.gnu.org/software/guix/guix.html#bugs">
    <<a href="mailto:bug-guix@gnu.org">bug-guix@gnu.org</a>></li>
    <a href="https://gogs.librecmc.org/libreCMC/libreCMC/issues">
<li><strong>Musix GNU+Linux</strong>:
    <a href="https://labs.parabola.nu/">https://labs.parabola.nu/</a></li>
    <a href="http://proteanos.com/contact/">http://proteanos.com/contact/</a></li>
    <a href="http://trisquel.info/en/project/issues">
    <a href="https://tracker.pureos.net/">https://tracker.pureos.net/</a></li>
<li><strong>Ututo</strong>: <a href="mailto:ututo@ututo.org">ututo@ututo.org</a></li> <<a href="mailto:ututo@ututo.org">ututo@ututo.org</a>></li>


<p>While we do listen to feedback from distribution maintainers to
determine what reports are eligible for recognition, ultimately the
decision about who receives a GNU Buck rests with the FSF.  If you
have questions about the program in general, or about the eligibility
of a particular bug, please write to us at <a
href="mailto:report-nonfree@fsf.org">report-nonfree@fsf.org</a>.</p> <<a

<p>Thanks for taking the time to submit a report.  We understand the
amount of effort that goes into it—it's a valuable contribution
to free software, and we're grateful to those who offer it.</p>

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<p>Please send general FSF & GNU inquiries to
<a href="mailto:gnu@gnu.org"><gnu@gnu.org></a>.
There are also <a href="/contact/">other ways to contact</a>
the FSF.  Broken links and other corrections or suggestions can be sent
to <a href="mailto:webmasters@gnu.org"><webmasters@gnu.org></a>.</p>

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