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<title>Emacs vs VI Vi
- GNU Project - Free Software Foundation</title>
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<h2>Emacs vs VI</h2>

<p><em>(To Vi</h2>

<p>Sung to the tune of “Ghost <cite>Ghost Riders in the Sky”, Sky</cite> by the Outlaws)</em></p> Outlaws</p>

<div class="lyrics">
<p>A hacker went a-coding armed with coffee and his brain<br />
Debating in himself whether to put it all in ’main’<br “main”<br />
When all at once his IRC was filled with hateful spite<br />
A plethora of angry words about syntax highlight </p>

<p>Their hands were writing fire and they called each other n00b…<br n00b…<br />
He'd never seen such sparking since the days of vacuum tubes<br />
A bolt of fear went through him as he closed parentheses<br />
Torn between the ’write “write and quit’ quit” and ol’ ol' C-x C-c </p>


<p class="chorus">Yippy kai yay…<br yay…<br />
File I/O…<br I/O…<br />
Emacs versus vi… vi… </p>


<p>He'd long endured the arguments, he knew the story well…<br well…<br />
So why condemn an editor and all its bytes to Hell?<br />
From concepts of simplicity to a buffer-based OS…<br OS…<br />
You'd think they’d they'd find a better way to work out daily stress!<br />

<p>So learn your lesson, hacker, and you’ll you'll not regret one day… day… <br />
The time you spent recovering, and throwing chars away… away… <br />
What's popular is never what you’ll you'll get into your head… head… <br />
So take a pointer from the pros… pros… and choose the mighty ED! </p>


<p class="chorus">Yippy kai yay… yay… <br />
File I/O… I/O… <br />
Emacs versus vi… vi… </p>


<p class="chorus">Yippy kai yay… yay… <br />
File I/O… I/O… <br />
Emacs versus vi… vi… </p>

<h3 id="download">Other formats</h3>

<p><a href="/music/emacsvsvi.tex">Latex</a><br />

<p id="download" class="button right-align">Other formats:
<a href="/music/emacsvsvi.tex">Latex</a>
<a href="/music/emacsvsvi.pdf">PDF</a></p>

<h3 id="license">Licensing</h3>

<p>Copyright (C) 2010 by James Taylor</p>

<p>Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under
the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3</p>

<p>The Free Software Foundation claims no copyright on this song.</p>

<p><a href="/fun/humor.html">Other humor</a> in the GNU Humor Collection.</p>

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<p>Copyright © 2010 by James Taylor</p>

<p>'Emacs vs VI' by James Taylor (the lyrics)</p>

<p>Permission is licensed granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under
the terms of the <a href="https://gnu.org/licenses/fdl-1.3-standalone.html">GNU rel="license" href="/licenses/fdl.html">GNU Free
Documentation License, Version version 1.3</a>.</p>

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