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<title>The GDB Song
- GNU Project - Free Software Foundation</title>
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<h2>The GDB Song</h2>
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<address class="byline" style="margin-bottom: 0">
with thanks to Joel Bion, Mark Baushke, class="byline">
by Joel Bion, Mark Baushke, and Lynn Slater</address>
<p>published earlier in <a href="/bulletins/bull4.html#SEC11">GNU's Bulletin
No. 4</a>.</p>

<div class="article" style="clear: both; margin-top: 2em">
<p>Somebody Lynn Slater</address>

<p class="clear">Somebody asked us what was GDB. With apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II,
Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II,
Richard Rodgers, and Julie Andrews, Julie Andrews, we offered the following

<div class="lyrics">
      <p>Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start,</p>
      <p>When you're learning to sing, its Do, Re, Mi; <br />
         When you're learning to code, its G, D, B.</p>
      <p><span class="chorus">(background)</span> G, D, B. </p>
      <p>The first three letters just happen to be, G, D, B. </p>
      <p><span class="chorus">(background)</span> G, D, B. </p>
      <p class="chorus">(Chorus) </p>
        <dt>G!, </dt>
          <dd>GNU!, it's Stallman's hope, </dd>
        <dt>D, </dt>
          <dd>debug that rotten code, </dd>
        <dt>B, </dt>
          <dd>a break I set myself. </dd>
        <dt>Run, </dt>
          <dd>a far, far way to go. </dd>
        <dt>Print, </dt>
          <dd>to see what you have done, </dd>
        <dt>Set, </dt>
          <dd>a patch that follows print. </dd>
        <dt>Quit, </dt>
          <dd>and recompile your code - - - </dd>

      <pre>That will bring it back to G,
      <p class="chorus">(Resume from the Chorus) </p>

<p class="button right-align">Other songs, poems and jokes in the
<a href="/fun/humor.html">GNU Humor Collection</a></p>

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<h3 id="license">Disclaimer</h3>

<p>The song on this page was originally obtained from id="Disclaimer">Disclaimer</h3>
<p>These lyrics were first published in <a href="/bulletins/bull4.html#SEC11">
GNU's Bulletin No. 4</a> (1988). Neither the FSF's email archives
of authors nor the GNU Project.</p>

<p>The Free Software
Foundation claims no claim copyright on this work.</p> them.</p>

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<p>Please send general FSF & GNU inquiries to <a
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