We are the GNU Webmasters!

Jason Self, GNU Chief Webmaster

Jason Self is the GNU Chief Webmaster from October 2010 onwards.

Pavel Kharitonov, GNU Translations Manager

Pavel is responsible for all the translations of the GNU website, and is a developer of GNUnited Nations, the translation tool used on gnu.org.

Yavor Doganov, GNU Translations Manager

Yavor is responsible for all the translations of the GNU website, and is the author of GNUnited Nations, the translation tool used on gnu.org.

John Sullivan, FSF Executive Director

John is currently the Executive Director of the Free Software Foundation, where he has worked since early 2003. John was the previous chief webmaster, and worked closely with Matt Lee on the gnu.org redesign work. He helps with design and development work for all FSF web sites, and is also a speaker for the GNU Project.

Richard Stallman, Chief GNUisance and founder of the GNU Project

Founded the GNU Project in 1984. In 1985 he founded the Free Software Foundation, and served as its president until 2019. He is the principal or initial author of GNU Emacs, the GNU C Compiler, the GNU Debugger GDB and parts of other packages.

Karl Berry, Assistant Chief GNUisance

Has been involved with GNU since rms visited his home in 1986 or so. He co-authored the GNU font utilities, and is currently the volunteer maintainer of Texinfo and Hello, and is co-leading the GNU Evaluation Team, among other infrastructure projects. He also does a number of volunteer tasks relating to TeX distributions, notably a project leader for TeX Live, and co-authored TeX for the Impatient.

GNU Webmasters

Ali Reza Hayati

Ali Reza Hayati is a hacker, cypherpunk, computer user freedom activist, and free culture advocate.

Amin Bandali

Amin is a free software activist and a GNU webmaster since early 2016 who wears a few other hats around GNU as well.

Brett Gilio

Brett joined the GNU webmastering team in late 2019. In addition to free software advocacy, he also champions functional programming, formal mathematics in software design, as well as hygienic and ethical computing practices.

Dora Scilipoti

Leader of the GNU Education Team and the GNU Spanish Translation Team.

Rob Musial

Rob is a GNU Webmaster, an Associate Member of the FSF since 2003, and a programmer of free software.


rsiddharth's been a GNU Webmaster since 2012. He designed GNU's 30th anniversary celebration section. He designed and maintained the LibrePlanet conference website between 2013 and 2017. He also wrote and currently maintains lpschedule-generator that enables the FSF to write the LibrePlanet conference schedule in Markdown.

GNU Web Translators

If you have translation skills and are willing to help in our effort to translate gnu.org essays, please contact the respective translation team. If there is no established team for your language (or there is but it lacks team co-ordinator), please contact <web-translators@gnu.org> after reading README for translations and the documentation it refers to.


If you'd like to join us as a webmaster, please complete the webmaster quiz.

Past and present webmasters and translators

An exhaustive list of GNU webmasters and GNU Web Translators is also available.