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12.6.1 Automated Upload Registration

Here is how to register your information so you can perform uploads for your GNU package:

  1. Create an account for yourself at, and register your package there, if you haven’t already done that. By the way, this is also needed to maintain the web pages at for your project (see Web Pages).
  2. Compose a message with the following items in some msgfile. Then GPG-sign it by running gpg --clearsign msgfile, and finally email the resulting msgfile.asc as an attachment to
    1. Name of package(s) that you are the maintainer for, your preferred email address, and your Savannah username.
    2. The ASCII armored copy of your GPG key, as an attachment.
    3. A list of names and preferred email addresses of other individuals you authorize to make releases for which packages, if any (in the case that you don’t make all releases yourself).
    4. ASCII armored copies of GPG keys for any individuals listed in (3).
  3. Publish the concatenated ASCII armored copies of your GPG key with the GPG keys listed in the previous step in the ‘GPG Keys Used for Releases’ area of the ‘Public info’ of the Savannah group of your package.

    Optional but recommended: Send your keys to a GPG public key server: gpg --keyserver --send-keys keyid..., where keyid is the eight hex digits reported by gpg --list-public-keys on the pub line before the date. For full information about GPG, see

The administrators will acknowledge your message when they have added the proper GPG keys as authorized to upload files for the corresponding packages.

The upload system will email receipts to the given email addresses when an upload is made, either successfully or unsuccessfully.

Should you later have to update your GPG key, you’ll have to re-submit it to both Savannah and, as these systems are not connected.

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