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19 Donations

As a maintainer, you might want to accept donations for your work, especially if you pay for any of your own hosting/development infrastructure. Following is some text you can adapt to your own situation, and use on your package’s web site, README, or in wherever way you find it useful:

We appreciate contributions of any size -- donations enable us to spend
more time working on the project, and help cover our infrastructure

If you'd like to make a small donation, please visit url1 and do
it through payment-service.  Since our project isn't a
tax-exempt organization, we can't offer you a tax deduction, but for
all donations over amount1, we'd be happy to recognize your
contribution on url2.

We are also happy to consider making particular improvements or
changes, or giving specific technical assistance, in return for a
substantial donation over amount2.  If you would like to discuss
this possibility, write to us at address.

Another possibility is to pay a software maintenance fee.  Again,
write to us about this at address to discuss how much you want
to pay and how much maintenance we can offer in return.  If you pay
more than amount1, we can give you a document for your records.

Thanks for your support!

We don’t recommend any specific payment service. However, GNU developers should not use a service that requires them to sign a proprietary software license, such as Google’s payment service. Please also avoid sites that requires users to run nonfree software in order to donate. (This includes JavaScript software, so try it with LibreJS or with JavaScript disabled.)

In the text you post on the site, please pay attention to the terminological issues we care about (see Terminology).

We have no objections to using Bitcoin to receive donations.

The FSF can collect donations for a limited number of projects; if you want to propose that for your project, write to The FSF is required to supervise the spending of these funds.

Of course, it is also good to encourage people to join the FSF ( or make a general donation, either instead of or as well as package-specific donations.

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