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11.6.9 FTP Upload Directive File - v1.0

Support for v1.0 uploads was discontinued in May 2012; please upgrade to v1.2.

In v1.0, the directive file contained one line, excluding the clearsigned data GPG that inserts, which specifies the final destination directory where items (1) and (2) are to be placed.

For example, the foo-1.0.tar.gz.directive.asc file might contain the single line:

directory: bar/v1

This directory line indicates that foo-1.0.tar.gz and foo-1.0.tar.gz.sig are part of package bar. If you were to upload the triplet to /incoming/ftp, and the system can positively authenticate the signatures, then the files foo-1.0.tar.gz and foo-1.0.tar.gz.sig will be placed in the directory gnu/bar/v1 of the site.

The directive file can be used to create currently non-existent directory trees, as long as they are under the package directory for your package (in the example above, that is bar).