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2 Getting Help

If you have any general questions or encounter a situation where it isn’t clear how to get something done or who to ask, you (as a GNU contributor) can always write to, which is a list of a few experienced GNU folks who have volunteered to answer questions. Any GNU-related question is fair game for the mentors list.

The GNU Advisory Committee helps to coordinate activities in the GNU project on behalf of RMS (Richard Stallman, the Chief GNUisance). If you have any organizational questions or concerns you can contact the committee at See for the current committee members. Additional information is in /gd/gnuorg/advisory.

If you find that any GNU computer systems (,,,, …) seem to be down, you can check the current status at Most likely the problem, if it can be alleviated at the FSF end, is already being worked on.

The FSF system administrators maintain the GNU network and server hardware. You can email them at Please report any failures in GNU servers to them without delay. Aside from that, please try not to burden them unnecessarily.