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DotGNU System.Windows.Forms Coding Competition

In 2003 a "collaborative coding competition" was held with a goal of encouraging more contributions to the System.Windows.Forms part of the C# class libraries for DotGNU Portable.NET, with the goal of duplicating the functionality of the proprietary library so that programs written against it can be run on Free Software.

Unfortunately we failed to attract new contributors to the project through this compatition, and only one competion entry was submitted. This competion entry was valid, and the contributor (Rich Baumann) has therefore won a price. (He has received a check from the FSF). There is however a significant part of the donated prize money still unclaimed and we plan to relaunch the competion as soon as someone is seen significantly contributing to our System.Windows.Forms implementation who is not among the following groups of people for whom participation in such a coding competition is not appropriate: the donor of prize money, the members of the DotGNU Steering Committee, and those currently doing paid work on commercial projects involving System.Windows.Forms.

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