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Web Translation Priorities

This is a list of web pages from www.gnu.org that have been selected as translation priorities (in no particular order). Before starting to translate, please coordinate with the translation team, if it exists, or with <web-translators@gnu.org> in order to avoid duplication of efforts — sometimes a translation is already made but not yet installed at gnu.org.

These pages are the second level of priority. Once the pages in the list above are done, please translate these next.

  1. What is Copyleft?
  2. Copyleft: Pragmatic Idealism
  3. Selling Free Software
  4. Who does that server really serve?
  5. The JavaScript Trap
  6. Why Educational Institutions Should Use and Teach Free Software
  7. Escuela Cristiana Evangélica de Neuquén (ECEN)
  8. Ambedkar Community Computing Center (AC3)
  9. Educational Free Software
  10. GCompris
  11. Educational Frequently Asked Questions
  12. The Education Team
  13. Linux and the GNU Project
  14. What We Provide
  15. The Right to Read
  16. Why Free Software needs Free Documentation

The directory /philosophy/sco is of historical interest only, so we recommend giving it lower priority than everything else in gnu.org.

Important languages

We welcome translations of essays into any language, but the following are particularly important:

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