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Constructors and Setting Functions

void Dodecahedron (void) Default constructor
Creates an empty Dodecahedron.

void Dodecahedron (const Point& p, const real pentagon_diameter, [real angle_x = 0, [real angle_y = 0, [real angle_z = 0]]]) Constructor
Creates a Dodecahedron with its center at the origin, where the pentagonal faces have enclosing circles of diameter pentagon_diameter. If any of angle_x, angle_y, or angle_z is non-zero, the Dodecahedron is rotated by the amounts specified around the corresponding axes. Finally, if p is not the origin, the Dodecahedron is shifted such that center comes to lie at p.
          Point P(-1, -2, 4);
          Dodecahedron d(P, 3, 12.5, 16, 2);

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Fig. 191.


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