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Data Members

Point focus0 Protected variables
Point focus1
The foci of the Ellipse. They are located on the major axis of the Ellipse at a distance of linear_eccentricity from center, on opposite sides of the minor axis.

real linear_eccentricity Protected variable
The linear eccentricity of the Ellipse e, such that e = \sqrta^2 - b^2, where a and b are half the lengths of the major and minor axes, respectively. Let h stand for axis_h and v for axis_v. If h>v, then a = h/2 and b = v/2. If v>h, then a =v/2 and b = h/2. If h = v, then the Ellipse is circular (but not an object of type Circle!), and a = b = v/2 = h/2.

The linear eccentricity is the distance along the major axis of the Ellipse from center to focus0 and focus1.

real numerical_eccentricity Protected variable
The numerical eccentricity \epsilon of the Ellipse, such that \epsilon = e/a < 1, where e is the linear eccentricity of the Ellipse, and a is half the length of the major axis of the Ellipse.

real axis_h Protected variables
real axis_v
The horizontal and vertical axes, respectively, of the Ellipse.

Actually, they are only or vertical horizontal by convention, since there are no restrictions on the orientation of an Ellipse.

unsigned short DEFAULT_NUMBER_OF_POINTS Protected static variable
The number of Points on an Ellipse, unless another number is specified when an Ellipse constructor is invoked.