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I/O Functions

void initialize_io (string in_stream_name, string out_stream_name, string tex_stream_name, char* program_name) Function
Opens files with names specified by the first three arguments, and attaches them to the file streams in_stream, out_stream, and tex_stream, respectively. Comments are written at the beginning of the files, containing their names, a datestamp, and the name of the program used to generate them.

void write_footers (void) Function
Writes code at the end of the files attached to in_stream, out_stream, and tex_stream, before the streams are closed. Currently, they write comments containing local variable lists for use in Emacs.

void beginfig (unsigned short i) Inline function
Writes "beginfig(i)" to out_stream.

void endfig ([unsigned short i = 0]) Inline function
Writes "endfig()" to out_stream. The argument i is "syntactic sugar"; it's ignored by endfig(), but may help the user keep track of what figure is being ended.