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3DLDF 1.1.1

3DLDF 1.1.1 was the first version of 3DLDF since it became a GNU package (the current version is It is now conformant to the GNU Coding Standards, except that a functioning cannot be generated from 3DLDF.texi. The distribution now includes a configure script, files, and other files generated by Autoconf and Automake. Recompilation is now handled by make rather than the auxilliary program 3DLDFcpl. The files 3DLDFcpl.web and 3DLDFprc.web have been removed from the distribution.

The extension of the C++ files generated by ctangle is changed from c to cxx before they are compiled. After ctangle is run on a CWEB file, <filename>.c is compared to the old <filename>.cxx using diff. Whitespace, comments, and #line preprocessor commands are ignored. The <filename>.c is only renamed to <filename>.cxx and compiled if they differ. This way, changes to the TeX text only in a CWEB file no longer cause recompilation and relinking.

The main Texinfo file is now called 3DLDF.texi. It was formerly called 3DLDFman.texi. This is because Automake expects this name. For this reason, the CWEB file passed as an argument to cweave has been renamed 3DLDFprg.web. It was formerly called 3DLDF.web.