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Installing 3DLDF

3DLDF is available for downloading from The official 3DLDF website is The "tarball", i.e., the compressed archive file 3DLDF- unpacks into a directory called /3DLDF-

On a typical Unix-like system, entering the following commands at the command line in a shell will unpack the 3DLDF distribution. Please note that the form of the commands may differ on your system.

     gunzip 3DLDF-
     tar xpvf 3DLDF-

The p option to tar ensures that the files will have the same permissions as when they were packed.

The directory 3DLDF- contains a configure script, which should be called from the command line in the shell, using the absolute path of 3DLDF- as the prefix argument. For example, if the path is /usr/local/mydir/3DLDF-, configure should be invoked as follows:

     cd 3DLDF-
     configure --prefix=/usr/local/mydir/3DLDF-

configure generates a Makefile from the in 3DLDF-, and in each of the subdirectories 3DLDF-, 3DLDF-, and 3DLDF- Now, make install causes the 3DLDF to be built. The executable is called 3dldf.

See the files README and INSTALL in the 3DLDF distribution for more information.