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Data Members

Point* pt Private variable
A pointer to the Point representing the location of the Label.

bool dot Private variable
true if the label should be dotted, otherwise false.

dot will be false, if the label was generated by a call to label() with the "dot" argument false (the default), true, if the label was generated by a call to dotlabel(), or to label() with the "dot" argument true.

string text Private variable
The text of the label. text is always put between "btex" and "etex" in the MetaPost code, so that TeX will be used to format the labels. In particular, this means that TeX's math mode can be used. However, double backslashes must be used instead of single backslashes, in order that single backslashes be written to out_stream.
          Point P(1, 1, 2);

[Figure 76. Not displayed.]

Fig. 76.

string position Private variable
The position of the text with respect to *pt. Valid values are as in MetaPost: "top", "bot" (bottom), "lft" (left), "rt" (right), "ulft" (upper left), "llft" (lower left), "urt" (upper right), "lrt" (lower right).

bool DO_LABELS Public static variable
Enables or disables creation of Labels. If true, label and dotlabel() cause Labels to be created and put onto a Picture. If false, they are not. Note that it is also possible to suppress output of existing Labels when outputting a Picture.