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Label Reference

Class Label is defined in pictures.web. Point and Picture are friends of Label.

Labels can be included in drawings by using the label() and dotlabel() functions, which are currently defined for the classes Point and Path, and the classes derived from them. See Point Reference; Labelling, and See Path Reference; Labelling. They are currently not defined for Solid, and its derived classes. I plan to add them for Solid soon.

Users will normally never need to declare objects of type Label, access its data members or call its member functions directly.

When label() or dotlabel() is invoked, one or more Labels is allocated dynamically and pointers to the new Labels are placed onto the vector<Label*> labels of a Picture: current_picture, by default. There are no explicitly defined constructors for Label, nor is it intended that Labels ever be created in any way other than through label() or dotlabel(). When a Picture is copied, the Labels are copied, too, and when a Picture is cleared (using Picture::clear()) or destroyed, the Labels are deallocated and destroyed.