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No Input Routine

3DLDF does not yet include a routine for reading input files. This means that user code must be written in C++ , compiled, and linked with the rest of the program. I admit, this is not ideal, and writing an input routine for user code is one of the next things I plan to add to 3DLDF.

I plan to use Flex and Bison to write the input routine.1 The syntax of the input code should be as close as possible to that of MetaPost, while taking account of the differences between MetaPost and 3DLDF.

For the present, however, the use of 3DLDF is limited to those who feel comfortable using C++ and compiling and relinking programs. Please don't be put off by this! It's not so difficult, and make does most of the work of recompiling and running 3DLDF. See Installing and Running 3DLDF, for more information.


  1. Flex is a program for generating text scanners and Bison is a parser generator. They are available from