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Data Members

Transform transform Private variable
Applied to the Shapes on the Picture when the latter is output. It is initialized as the identity Transform, and can be modified by the transformation functions, by Picture::operator*=(const Transform&) (see Picture Reference; Operators), and by Picture::set_transform() (see Picture Reference; Modifying).

vector<Shape*> shapes Private variable
Contains pointers to the Shapes on the Picture. When a drawing or filling function is invoked for a Shape, a copy is dynamically allocated and a pointer to the copy is placed onto shapes.

vector<Label*> labels Private variable
Contains pointers to the Labels on the Picture. When a Point is labelled, either directly or through a call to label() or dotlabel() for another type of Shape1, a Label is dynamically allocated, the Point is copied to *Label::pt, and a pointer to the Label is placed onto labels.

bool do_labels Private variable
Used for enabling or disabling output of Labels when outputting a Picture. The default value is true. It is set to false by using suppress_labels() and can be reset to true by using unsuppress_labels(). See Picture Reference; Output Functions.

Often, when a Picture is copied, transformed, and output again in a single figure, it's undesirable to have the Labels output again in their new positions. To avoid this, use suppress_labels() after outputting the Picture the first time.


  1. label() and dotlabel() are currently only defined for Point and Path (and the latter's derived classes), i.e., not for Solid and its derived classes.