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Plane Figures

3DLDF currently includes the following classes representing plane geometric figures: Polygon, Reg_Cl_Plane_Curve ("Regular Closed Plane Curve"), Reg_Polygon ("Regular Polygon"), Rectangle, Ellipse and Circle. Polygon and Reg_Cl_Plane_Curve are derived from Path, Reg_Polygon and Rectangle are derived from Polygon, and Ellipse and Circle are derived from Reg_Cl_Plane_Curve. Polygon and Reg_Cl_Plane_Curve are meant to be used as base classes only, so objects of these types should normally never be declared.

Since Reg_Polygon, Rectangle, Ellipse, and Circle all ultimately derive from Path, they are really just special kinds of Path. In particular, they inherit their drawing and filling functions from Path, and their transformation functions take the same arguments as the Path versions. They also have constructors and setting functions that work in a similar way, with a few minor differences, to account for their different natures. See Polygon Reference, Rectangle Reference, Ellipse Reference, and Circle Reference, for complete information on these classes.