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const Plane& operator= (const Plane& p) Assignment operator
Sets point to p.point, normal to p.normal, and distance to p.distance. The return value is p, so that invocations of this function can be chained.
          Point pt(2, 2.3, 6);
          Point norm(-1, 12, -36);
          Plane A(pt, norm);
          Plane B;
          Plane C;
          B = C = A;
          -| A:
             normal: (-0.0263432, 0.316118, -0.948354)
             point: (2, 2.3, 6)
             distance == 5.01574
          cout << (A == B && A == C && B == C);
          -| 1

bool operator== (const Plane& p) const operator
Equality operator. Compares *this and p, and returns true, if point == p.point, normal == p.normal, and distance == p.distance, otherwise false.

bool operator!= (const Plane& p) const operator
Inequality operator. Compares *this and p and returns true, if point != p.point, or normal != p.normal, or distance != p.distance. Otherwise, it returns false.