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void show ([string text = ""]) const function
Prints information about the Plane to standard output. If text is not the empty string, it is printed to the standard output. Otherwise, Plane: is printed. Following this, if the Plane is equal to INVALID_PLANE (see Planes Reference; Global Constants), a message to this effect is printed to standard output. Otherwise, normal and point are shown using Point::show() (see Point Reference; Showing). Finally, distance is printed.
          Point A(1, 3, 2.5);
          Rectangle r0(A, 5, 5, 10, 15, 6);
          Plane p = r0.get_plane();
          -| p:
             normal: (-0.0582432, 0.984111, -0.167731)
             point: (-0.722481, 2.38245, -0.525176)
             distance == -2.47476