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Data Members

real internal_angle Private variable
The angle at the center of the Reg_Polygon of the triangle formed by the center and two adjacent corners. If n is the number of sides of a Reg_Polygon, internal_angle will be 360.0/n, so internal_angle will be 120 for a regular triangle, 90 for a square, 72 for a pentagon, etc.

real radius Private variable
The radius of the surrounding circle for a Reg_Polygon (Umkreis).

unsigned short sides Private variable
The number of sides of a Reg_Polygon.

bool on_free_store Private variable
true, if the Reg_Polygon was dynamically allocated on the free store, otherwise false. Dynamic allocation of Reg_Polygons should only be performed by create_new<Reg_Polygon>(), which sets on_free_store to true.