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void show ([string text = "", [bool stop = false]]) Function
Prints information about the Picture to standard output.

show() first prints the string "Showing Picture:" to standard output, followed by text, if the latter is not the empty string ("")1. Then it calls, prints the size of shapes and labels, and the value of do_labels. Then it calls show() on each of the Shapes on shapes. Since show() is a virtual function in class Shape, the appropriate show() is called for each Shape, i.e., Point::show() for a Point, Path::show() for a Path, etc. If stop is true, execution stops and the user is requested to type <RETURN> to continue. Finally, the string "Done showing picture." is printed to standard output.

void show_transform ([string text = "Transform from Picture:"]) Function
Calls, passing text as the argument to the latter function.


  1. Actually, it's printed to standard output even if it is the empty string, you just don't see it.