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Constructors and Setting Functions

void Solid (void) Default constructor
Creates an empty Solid.

void Solid (const Solid& s) Copy constructor
Creates a new Solid and makes it a copy of s.

Solid* create_new<Solid> (const Solid* s) Template specializations
Solid* create_new<Solid> (const Solid& s)
Pseudo-constructors for dynamic allocation of Solids. They create a Solid on the free store and allocate memory for it using new(Solid). They return a pointer to the new Solid.

If s is a non-zero pointer or a reference, the new Solid will be a copy of s. If the new object is not meant to be a copy of an existing one, 0 must be passed to create_new<Solid>() as its argument. See Dynamic Allocation of Shapes, for more information.