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Sources of Information

This handbook, and the use of 3DLDF itself, presuppose at least some familiarity on the part of the reader with Metafont, MetaPost, CWEB, and C++ . If you are not familiar with any or all of them, I recommend the following sources of information:

Knuth, Donald Ervin. The METAFONTbook. Computers and Typesetting; C. Addison Wesley Publishing Company, Inc. Reading, Massachusetts 1986.

Hobby, John D. A User's Manual for MetaPost. AT & T Bell Laboratories. Murray Hill, NJ. No date.

Knuth, Donald E. and Silvio Levy. The CWEB System of Structured Documentation. Version 3.64--February 2002.

Stroustrup, Bjarne. The C++ Programming Language. Special Edition. Reading, Massachusetts 2000. Addison-Wesley. ISBN 0-201-70073-5.

The manuals for MetaPost and CWEB are available from the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN). See one of the following web sites for more information:

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