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void Transform (void) Default constructor
Creates a Transform containing the identity matrix.

void Transform (real r) Constructor
Creates a Transform and sets all of the elements of matrix to r. Currently, this constructor is never used, but who knows? Maybe someday it will be useful for something.

void Transform (real r0_0, real r0_1, real r2, real r0_2, real r0_3, real r1_0, real r1_1, real r1_2, real r1_3, real r2_0, real r2_1, real r2_2, real r2_3, real r3_0, real r3_1, real r3_2, real r3_3) Constructor
Each of the sixteen real arguments is assigned to the corresponding element of matrix: matrix[0][0] = r0_0, matrix[0][1] = r0_1, etc. Useful for specifying a transformation matrix completely.