abcsh - a shell for processing ABC music notation content

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This package has been decommissioned. abcsh was a shell for processing ABC music notation content.

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Introduction to abcsh

ABC music notation is a popular simple ASCII music notation system used by many Internet music enthusiast. You can find out more information about ABC music notation at the ABC Home Page.

abcsh is a shell for processing ABC music notation content. It currently in the prototyping stage. Some documentation is already being written you can find it in the documentation directory. If you are inclined to program then feel free to take a look at the development site. There you will find links the the CVS repository and other news and information about the project.

Downloading abcsh

Since abcsh is still in prototype mode, there is no compiled version available. If you would like to browse the CVS source for abcsh take a look at abcsh CVS repository.

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