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4 abcsh command line options.

The format for running the abcsh program is:

     abcsh option ...

abcsh supports the following options:

Prompt for confirmation.
Take no real actions.
Disable warnings.
Inhibit usual output.
Print more information.
Use the specified directory. Reads in any ABC Notation files found into the abcsh buffer.
Change to directory before proceeding.
Print an informative help message describing the options and then exit successfully.
Briefly list the options.
Print the version number of abcsh on the standard output and then exit successfully.
Read in an ABC music notation file into the abcsh buffer.
Write out the current contents of the abcsh buffer as an ABC music notation file.
List the number of tunes, voices and measures in the abcsh buffer
Renumber the X fields in the abcsh buffer. If a starting number is provided then start renumber from that value. E.g. –renumber=4 would renumber the first tune in the abcsh buffer as X:4 and the next as X:5 and so on.
Select some content in the abcsh buffer for processing. E.g. –select=10/2,3,5/1-50 would select tune number 10, voices 2, 3 and 5, measures 1 through 50 for the next operation.

Select without tune, voice and measure values would clear the current select values make the whole buffer visible for processing.

Read a MusicXML file into the abcsh buffer.
Write out the contents of the abcsh buffer as a MusicXML file.