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11 Using Mutt with Anubis

Newer versions of mutt (1.5.20) are able to send mail directly via SMTP channel. Older ones (1.4.1 and 1.5.3) can only use an external program to send messages.

The following sections describe the recommended ways of configuring mutt.

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11.1 Configure Mutt SMTP

Mutt version 1.5.20 supports SMTP if compiled with the ‘--enable-smtp’ option. You can verify if it is so by running the following command:

mutt -v | fgrep '+USE_SMTP'

If the output contains ‘+USE_SMTP’, then mutt is compiled properly and you can use further instructions from this section.

set smtp_url = "url"

Sets URL of the Anubis server. The format of url is


where square brackets denote optional parts. If Anubis is running in ‘auth’ mode, user and pass become mandatory. The latter can also be set using the following statement.

set smtp_pass = "pass"

Sets SMTP password.

set smtp_authenticators="auth-list"

Sets the list of the authentication methods to try when attempting to perform SMTP AUTH. The argument is a colon-delimited list of method names.

For example, if Anubis runs on the server ‘anubis.domain.org’, port 24, your ‘.muttrc’ could contain:

set smtp_url = "smtp://anubis.domain.org:24"

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11.2 Using GNU mailutils as an interface to mutt

GNU Mailutils is a collection of utilities for handling electronic mail. It includes lots of programs necessary for dealing with e-mail messages. One of them is maidag — a general-purpose mail delivery agent (see maidag in GNU Mailutils Manual).

The package can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/mailutils or any of the mirrors (See http://www.gnu.org/order/ftp.html for a complete list of these. Please, select the mirror closest too you). The complete information about the package is available from its home page at http://www.gnu.org/software/mailutils/

To use maidag, first download and install GNU mailutils (as usual the package is shipped with files ‘README’ and ‘INSTALL’ which provide the necessary guidelines). Then add to your ‘.muttrc’ file the following line:

set sendmail="maidag --url smtp://hostname[:port]"

where maidag stands for the full file name of maidag utility, hostname and optional port specify the host name (or IP address) of the machine running anubis and the port it listens on. Notice, that the default port value for ‘smtp’ is 25, which means that in most cases you will have to specify it explicitly.

For example, suppose you run anubis on machine ‘anubis.example.org’ and that it listens on port 24. Let’s also assume you have installed mailutils in the default location, so that full file name of the maidag utility is ‘/usr/local/sbin/maidag’. Then, your ‘.muttrc’ will contain:

set sendmail="/usr/local/sbin/maidag \
              --url smtp://anubis.example.org:24"

(the line being split for readability).

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11.3 Using msg2smtp.pl as an interface to mutt

GNU Anubis is shipped with msg2smtp.pl — a perl script designed as an interface between it and mutt. The script is kindly contributed by Michael de Beer.

The script is located in the subdirectory ‘contrib’ of GNU Anubis distribution. Copy it to any convenient location, e.g.:

cp anubis-4.2.90/contrib/msg2smtp.pl /usr/local/libexec

and add the following line to your ‘.muttrc’:

set sendmail="/usr/local/libexec/msg2smtp.pl -h hostname -p port"

where hostname and port specify the host name (or IP address) of the machine running anubis and the port it listens on, respectively.

A complete description of msg2smtp.pl and a discussion of its command line switches can be found in file ‘contrib/msg2smtp.txt’.

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