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7 Quick Start

By default, GNU Anubis binds to port number 24 (private mail system), so there shouldn’t be any conflict with your local MTA (Mail Transport Agent). You only have to reconfigure your MUA (Mail User Agent) to talk to GNU Anubis directly on port number 24. All MUAs are normally set up to talk directly to the MTA, so you must change their settings and specify GNU Anubis’ port number as their target. This makes GNU Anubis act as an outgoing mail processor between your MUA and the MTA. Read your MUA’s documentation for more information.

Then you need to choose whether you want to connect GNU Anubis to a remote or local SMTP host via TCP/IP or a local SMTP program, which works on standard input and output. In the former case, specify the following option:

REMOTE-MTA smtp-host:25

In the latter case (local SMTP program), use this:

LOCAL-MTA /path/to/your/mta/mta-executable -bs

Please note that the ‘-bs’ command line option is a common way to run MTAs on standard input and output, but it is not a rule. Refer to your MTA’s documentation, for instructions on how to get it working on standard input and output.

If you would like to run GNU Anubis on port number 25 (which is a default value for the SMTP) or any other port number, then use the ‘bind’ keyword. For instance, the following code will bind GNU Anubis to ‘localhost:25’:

bind localhost:25

This can make a conflict between GNU Anubis and your local MTA, which usually listens on port number 25. To solve this, disable the MTA and specify the ‘local-mta’ keyword, or run MTA on port number different than GNU Anubis’ port number (e.g. 1111). For example:

bind localhost:25
remote-mta localhost:1111

Caution: Make sure that your local machine doesn’t accept any incoming mail (i.e. it is not a POP or IMAP server), otherwise you cannot disable your MTA or change its port number!

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