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2. Glossary of Frequently Used Terms


A process whereby Anubis determines authenticity of the connecting party, its user name and configuration settings.


A standard for information exchange. Protocol defines specific wording and control flow for communications between two or more programs, devices or systems.


Simple Mail Transport Protocol is a common mechanism for exchanging mail across a network. This was described initially in RFC 821, and subsequently extended by more documents, the most recent one being RFC 5321.


A process that runs in the background, doing automated processing.


A server provides information or other services for its clients. Most network protocols are client-server based. This term often refers to hardware, but it can also refer (and we're using it that way) to a particular program or process, on that machine, which provides the service.


A program, which goes between MUA and MTA. It can be used as a gateway to the outside world, while using a firewall. In this case a host under the firewall sends data to the proxy server, which in turn forwards it to a server outside, receives its replies, and passes them back to the internal host.


GNU's Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions. It provides a Scheme interpreter conforming to the R5RS language specification. GNU Anubis uses Guile as its extension language. For more information about Guile, (guile)Top section `Overview' in The Guile Reference Manual.


GNU Privacy Guard, a tool compatible with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy).

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