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It is not a serious restriction, however. Users may install Anubis on their machines for the sole purpose of SMTP authentication, as Pixie-Dixie suggests.


See http://www.mysql.com.


See http://www.postgres.org.


Make sure to run anubisusr in background, so it does not slow down your normal login sequence.


Unless given the ‘--foreground’ command line option.


At the time of writing this document — Anubis versions up to 3.6.2.


The scheme implemented currently is a bit different. First, the config-sender program issues an EXAMINE command that fetches the contents of the user configuration file from the server. Then, it compares it with the local copy kept on the client machine. If the copies differ, config-sender issues UPLOAD and thus updates the configuration on the server.


This is already possible, See section Call Action.


Note that the code section could have modified the Content-Type header and, particularly, its encoding part, therefore it is not necessary that the resulting part is encoded using the same method as the original one


Byte-for-byte comparison

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