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4.1 AUTH Section

The AUTH session controls various aspects of authentication mode.

Option: smtp-greeting-message text

Configures the greeting message issued by GNU Anubis upon accepting SMTP connection.

Option: smtp-help-message help-text

Defines the message issued in response to SMTP HELP command. Help-text is a list of strings. Each string from the list will be displayed on a separate response line.

Option: sasl-password-db url

Sets URL of the user database (see section User Database).

Option: sasl-allowed-mech mech-list

Defines the list of allowed authentication methods.

Option: sasl-service name

Sets the SASL service name. It is used, among others, with GSSAPI authentication method. Default is ‘anubis’.

Option: sasl-hostname name

Sets the SASL hostname. By default, the server determines it automatically. If it happens to make a wrong guess, you can fix it using this directive.

Option: sasl-realm name

Sets the SASL realm. By default, the local domain is used as SASL realm (see section local-domain).

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