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3.2 Database URL

Anubis database is identified by its URL, or Universal Resource Locator. A URL consists of following elements (square brackets enclose optional elements):




Specifies the database protocol. The protocol describes how the database is to be accessed. In a way, it may be regarded as specifying the database type. Currently, GNU Anubis supports the following database protocols:

textA plain text file with users’ credentials.
gdbmGDBM database
mysqlMySQL database
pgsqlPostgreSQL database
postgresAlias for ‘pgsql’.

These protocols are described in detail below.


The name of the user authorized to access the database.


Password for the above user.


Domain name or IP address of a machine running the database.


A path to the database. The exact meaning of this element depends on the database protocol. It is described in detail when discussing particular protocols.


A list of protocol-dependent parameters. Each parameter consists of the parameter name, or keyword and its value separated by a equals sign:


Multiple parameters are separated by semicolons.

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