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3.2 Database URL

Anubis database is identified by its URL, or Universal Resource Locator. A URL consists of following elements (square brackets enclose optional elements):




Specifies the database protocol. The protocol describes how the database is to be accessed. In a way, it may be regarded as specifying the database type. Currently, GNU Anubis supports the following database protocols:


A plain text file with users' credentials.


GDBM database


MySQL database


PostgreSQL database


Alias for `pgsql'.

These protocols are described in detail below.


The name of the user authorized to access the database.


Password for the above user.


Domain name or IP address of a machine running the database.


A path to the database. The exact meaning of this element depends on the database protocol. It is described in detail when discussing particular protocols.


A list of protocol-dependent parameters. Each parameter consists of the parameter name, or keyword and its value separated by a equals sign:


Multiple parameters are separated by semicolons.

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