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4.2.4 ESMTP Authentication Settings

The following options set authentication credentials for ESMTP authentication. They are useful, for example, if your MTA requires such an authentication, but your MUA does not support it.

You can also use these statements in a ‘SMTP’ section. See section Modifying SMTP Commands, for a detailed description of this feature.

Option: esmtp-allowed-mech mech-list

Defines the list of allowed authentication mechanisms. Mech-list is a list of valid authentication mechanism names separated by whitespace.

Anubis selects the authentication method using the following algorithm: MTA presents a list of authentication methods it supports. For each element in mech-list, Anubis tests whether it is available in the list presented by MTA. If found, this method is selected. For example, suppose that the MTA reports the following supported mechanisms:


and in your configuration file you have:

esmtp-allowed-mech DIGEST-MD5 CRAM-MD5 LOGIN

Then, Anubis will select ‘CRAM-MD5’.

Option: esmtp-require-encryption mech-list

Declares the list of mechanisms that can be used only over a TLS encrypted channel. By default Anubis uses

esmtp-require-encryption LOGIN PLAIN

This prevents sending user password over an unencrypted connection.

Option: esmtp-auth-delayed yes-or-no

By default, ESMTP authentication is attempted as early as possible, normally while handling the client ‘EHLO’ command.

When this statement is set to ‘yes’, authentication is delayed until the client issued the ‘MAIL’ command. This will allow anubis to select authentication credentials depending on the sender email. For a detailed description of this feature, see Modifying SMTP Commands.

Option: esmtp-auth-id authentication-id

Sets authentication ID (user name).

Option: esmtp-authz-id authorization-id

Sets authorization ID (user name).

Option: esmtp-password password

Sets ESTMP AUTH password.

Option: esmtp-auth username:password

This is a shortcut to set both authentication and authorization IDs and the password. It is equivalent to

esmtp-auth-id username
esmtp-authz-id username
esmtp-password password

The following options specify authentication credentials for GSSAPI, DIGEST-MD5 and KERBEROS_V5 authentication mechanisms:

Option: esmtp-service service-name

Sets the name of GSSAPI service.

Option: esmtp-hostname hostname

Sets hostname of the machine.

Option: esmtp-generic-service servise-name

Sets generic service name.

Option: esmtp-passcode passcode

Sets passcode.

Option: esmtp-realm realm-name

Sets GSSAPI realm.

The following option is useful with the ‘ANONYMOUS’ authentication mechanism:

Option: esmtp-anonymous-token token

Sets the token to be used with the ‘ANONYMOUS’ authentication mechanism

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