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4.2.2 Output Settings

Option: termlevel level

Defines logging verbosity level. Allowed values are:


Only errors are logged. This is the default level.


Produce more diagnostic output.


Produce debugging output.


Do not log anything.

This command is allowed only in the system configuration file.

Option: logfile file-name

This command sets the name of additional log file. GNU Anubis logs there messages about user’s SMTP session, as defined by the ‘loglevel’ statement (see below). For example:

logfile "anubis.log"

This will direct additional logging to the ‘~/anubis.log’ file in the user’s home directory.

Option: loglevel level

This option defines verbosity level for the additional log file. It may be used only in user configuration file. Allowed values for level are:


Log only failure messages.


Log all relevant messages.

Option: tracefile yes-or-no
Option: tracefile file-name

This option instructs anubis to log the execution of tests and actions from the RULE sections. This is useful for debugging configuration files.

When this option is used in the system-wide configuration file, only boolean argument is allowed. Using ‘tracefile yes’ enables logging of actions and tests to the default syslog channel. Using ‘tracefile no’ disables it.

When used in the user configuration file, a filename is allowed as an argument to this option. This allows you to explicitly specify to which file the tracing output should go. Otherwise, using ‘tracefile yes’ enables logging to the same file as ‘logfile’ (if possible).

Option: HANG delay

Do not use this option, unless you are developing or debugging Anubis!

This option instructs each child process to hang for the given number of seconds. Before hanging, the process issues the following diagnostic message:

Child process suspended for delay seconds

This option is useful for Anubis developers who wish to attach to a child process with debugger. After attaching, set the variable _anubis_hang to zero to continue processing. You may wish to add the following statement to your ‘.gdbinit’ file:

set variable _anubis_hang=0

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