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3.3.2 Users

Users maintain their database records using anubisusr command. Main purpose of this command is to keep the copy of your configuration on GNU Anubis server up to date. . We recommend to invoke anubisusr from your ‘~/.profile’, which will make sure that your configuration file is up to date when you log in. (4).


anubisusr [options] [smtp-url]

where smtp-url is a URL of your GNU Anubis server. Notice that if it lacks user name and password, then anubisusr will first try to retrieve them from your ‘~/.netrc’ file (See netrc(5) for more info), and if not found it will prompt you to supply them.


-m mech
--mechanism mech

Only use SASL mechanism mech. Use this option several times to set a list of allowed mechanisms.


Verbose output. Multiple options increase the verbosity. Maximum verbosity level is 3.


Display program version number and exit.


Display short usage summary and exit.

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