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11.2 Using msg2smtp.pl as an interface to mutt

GNU Anubis is shipped with msg2smtp.pl — a perl script designed as an interface between it and mutt. The script is kindly contributed by Michael de Beer.

The script is located in the subdirectory ‘contrib’ of GNU Anubis distribution. To use it:

  1. Make sure its first line correctly refers to the full file name of the perl interpreter on your system. By default the first line reads

    If the file name after ‘!’ differs from the actual file name of the perl interpreter, update it. For example, if perl is installed in ‘/usr/local/bin/perl’, the first line of msg2smtp.pl should read

  2. Copy the script to any convenient location. Simply running cp will do, e.g.
    cp anubis-4.1.1/contrib/msg2smtp.pl /usr/local/libexec
  3. Add to your ‘.muttrc’ the following line:
    set sendmail="/usr/local/libexec/msg2smtp.pl -h hostname -p port"

    where hostname and port specify the host name (or IP address) of the machine running anubis and the port it listens on, respectively.

Complete description of msg2smtp.pl and a discussion of its command line switches can be found in file ‘contrib/msg2smtp.txt’.

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