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11.3 Using msg2smtp.pl as an interface to mutt

GNU Anubis is shipped with msg2smtp.pl -- a perl script designed as an interface between it and mutt. The script is kindly contributed by Michael de Beer.

The script is located in the subdirectory `contrib' of GNU Anubis distribution. Copy it to any convenient location, e.g.:

cp anubis-4.2/contrib/msg2smtp.pl /usr/local/libexec

and add the following line to your `.muttrc':

set sendmail="/usr/local/libexec/msg2smtp.pl -h hostname -p port"

where hostname and port specify the host name (or IP address) of the machine running anubis and the port it listens on, respectively.

A complete description of msg2smtp.pl and a discussion of its command line switches can be found in file `contrib/msg2smtp.txt'.

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