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11.1 Configure Mutt SMTP

Mutt version 1.5.20 supports SMTP if compiled with the `--enable-smtp' option. You can verify if it is so by running the following command:

mutt -v | fgrep '+USE_SMTP'

If the output contains `+USE_SMTP', then mutt is compiled properly and you can use further instructions from this section.

set smtp_url = "url"

Sets URL of the Anubis server. The format of url is


where square brackets denote optional parts. If Anubis is running in `auth' mode, user and pass become mandatory. The latter can also be set using the following statement.

set smtp_pass = "pass"

Sets SMTP password.

set smtp_authenticators="auth-list"

Sets the list of the authentication methods to try when attempting to perform SMTP AUTH. The argument is a colon-delimited list of method names.

For example, if Anubis runs on the server `anubis.domain.org', port 24, your `.muttrc' could contain:

set smtp_url = "smtp://anubis.domain.org:24"

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