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11.1 Configure Mutt SMTP

Mutt version 1.5.20 supports SMTP if compiled with the ‘--enable-smtp’ option. You can verify if it is so by running the following command:

mutt -v | fgrep '+USE_SMTP'

If the output contains ‘+USE_SMTP’, then mutt is compiled properly and you can use further instructions from this section.

set smtp_url = "url"

Sets URL of the Anubis server. The format of url is


where square brackets denote optional parts. If Anubis is running in ‘auth’ mode, user and pass become mandatory. The latter can also be set using the following statement.

set smtp_pass = "pass"

Sets SMTP password.

set smtp_authenticators="auth-list"

Sets the list of the authentication methods to try when attempting to perform SMTP AUTH. The argument is a colon-delimited list of method names.

For example, if Anubis runs on the server ‘anubis.domain.org’, port 24, your ‘.muttrc’ could contain:

set smtp_url = "smtp://anubis.domain.org:24"

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