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11.3 Patching mutt

Steven Engelhardt modified mutt so that it is able to use SMTP to transfer messages. For the time being the patch is not accepted by the mainline mutt distribution, but one of the authors of GNU Anubis(7), has tested it extensively and has found it to be quite adequate for interfacing between anubis and mutt. The patch is described in detail at http://www.deez.info/sengelha/projects/mutt/libesmtp/ and is available for mutt versions 1.4.x and 1.5.3.

To use it, follow the instructions on the page mentioned above. Once you compile the patched mutt you will be able to use the following new keywords in its configuration file:

set smtp_host = hostname

Sets the hostname or IP address of the remote SMTP host.

set smtp_port = port

Sets the port number to use.

set smtp_auth_username = user-name

Sets the username to use with SMTP AUTH command (optional).

So, assuming you run anubis on machine ‘anubis.domain.org’ and it is listening on port 24, you will add to your ‘.muttrc’ the following two lines:

set smtp_host = anubis.domain.org
set smtp_port = 24

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