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As we have sayed in a precedent chapter, GNU Archimedes is able to simulate, at least at first order, the quantum effects present in a semiconductor device, by means of the recently introduced effective potential method. So, if the user wants to take into account the quantum effects in the simulation, he/she have to tell to GNU Archimedes in the input file. This is done in the following fashion

Pay attention to the fact that taking into account the quantum effects can be numerically heavy, so you will need to wait for more long run-time to get the solution. So attention have to be putted in this choice. If the user knowns, a priori, that the quantum effects are not relevant in that type of device (because, for example, the characteristic length of the device is bigger than 1 micron), it is probably a good choice to avoid these extra calculations.

Didier Link 2007-05-18