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7.2 Customization File

The config file uses s-expressions to store the customization file. It is stored under the home directory, and called ‘.aris’. There are several key words that it recognizes:

(key-cmd 'cmd' 'key')

Assigns menu ‘cmd’ to keyboard shortcut ‘key’. The keyboard shortcuts are all in the same format, which is either s or c, a plus sign, then a letter. A c before the letter means ‘Hold control, and press the key’, and s means the same except with the shift key.

(font-size 'type' size)

Assigns ‘size’ to font type ‘type’. The ‘type’ key word can be either ‘Small’, which means set the small font preset, ‘Medium’, which means set the medium font preset, ‘Large’, which means set the large font preset, or ‘Default’, which means set the font size that Aris loads up with intially.

(color-pref 'type' color)

Assigns ‘color’ to color preference ‘type’. The ‘color’ key word is in hexidecimal.

(grade 'key' 'value')

This allows customization of the grade server’s information (see Submission). The two options for ‘key’ are ‘ip’ and ‘pass’. The ‘ip’ key sets the grade server’s IP address, and the ‘pass’ sets up the password GNU Aris will use for authentication.